The World in 60 Seconds – October 19, 2016

US: Is post-election violence a concern?

Depends on how badly Trump implodes. On balance, I’d say no, but it’s not outta the question, which is so wrong.

Iraq: Will the Mosul offensive restore stability?

No. There is no plan for governance, despite the fact that we’re now taking ISIS out. Great that ISIS is going. Really worried about no flag flying over Mosul afterwards.

Europe: Can they get CETA done?

This is the Canada deal. On balance, right now, no new trade deals are getting done with the Europeans. It doesn’t look that way.

Saudi Arabia: Will we see a King Mohammed Bin Salman?

Not next. I know he wants it, but if you ask me right now, it’s probably Nayef. Though they wouldn’t get rid of Salman and that’s important.

Russia: Will they face long-term consequences for meddling with the US election?

Umm, eventually…yes, but the bigger consequences are what happens when Russia is just getting more and more isolated, doesn’t have a model. Nothing is gonna affect Putin, but the Americans are clearly gonna engage in more cyber warfare and more sanctions because of what we’ve seen from Russia.

OPEC: Will it ever be effective again?

No. This is kinda the end of OPEC. Over time, energy revolution, more fracking, is global. Not just the US.

That’s it. 60 seconds. See you guys soon.

The World in 60 Seconds - October 19, 2016

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