Neil Hughes: New Year’s Resolutions: 5 Apps to Help Hit Your Goals

Once again we all find ourselves approaching another year in our lives with endless possibilities and opportunities whilst your Facebook timeline will be awash with friends and family saying “New Year, New Me!” after spending a little too long over indulging in food, drink and bad TV. Most of us might feel a little pressured into revealing our goals for the year ahead when it feels like every aspect of small talk revolves around “What are your New Year’s Resolutions?” Experience will tell... Read more →

Tony J. Hughes: Back To The Future Of Sales In 2015

I’ve been reading reams of predictions for selling in 2015 and it seems that 99% are about social selling and predictive analytics. Peter Ostrow, from Aberdeen Sales Effectiveness Research, is however right on the money with this comment. “The traditional emotion-driven, gut-driven sales coaching that we so often see with reps and their bosses is going to be replaced – or at least augmented – by the use of pure analytics and data. We’re seeing a lot of movement in the marketplace where... Read more →
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