It’s “World Serious” Season Again

Fifty years ago last week Sandy Koufax retired from baseball. The Atlantic Monthly just published an article entitled “The Incomparable Career of Sandy Koufax.” In the 1963 World Series (won 4 games to 0 by the Dodgers) Koufax beat Yankee Ace Whitey Ford in the first game. Yogi Berra, Ford’s batterymate, gave his inimitable summary of the matchless Koufax season when he said, “I can see how he won twenty-five games. What I don’t understand is how he lost five.” On the first anniversary... Read more →

I Passed Out Yesterday And This Is What Happened…

I passed out yesterday. We were at a ping pong place and I was talking to a friend of mine when I simply fell to the ground and went unconscious. We were in the middle of a conversation about health (he’s a physical trainer) and I said something like, “I’m in the best health of my life!” BOOM! Then all I remember is vaguely trying to hold onto something. Then the next thing I know, I’ve been unconscious for two minutes and people are standing around me asking me if I’m OK. I don’t... Read more →

The major job skills gap no one talks about

Earlier this year, I posted an article on LinkedIn on the growing social media skills gap at work – the fact that social media skills on the job are now an expectation for many employees, but no one is really stepping up to train people on how to do it right. It’s just assumed we all get social media … even though social in the workplace is very different from in personal life. I thought that the article would resonate with a small group of social media pros. Instead, it was viewed more... Read more →

MIT Professor Calls Out The Biggest Lies Told About Entrepreneurs

I recently asked a question to my social media followers: “Are you born an entrepreneur or can you learn to be one?” I believe you are born with some innate characteristics that make you an entrepreneur. Without those, it’s very difficult to be one. Bill Aulet, the managing director of the Martin Trust Center for MIT, would say I’m dead wrong. That’s just one of the myths he says are told about entrepreneurs–by entrepreneurs themselves. Aulet has spent his... Read more →

If You’re Comfortable, You’re Not Leading

Have you ever been tempted to put your kids on a plane and send them to the other side of the world for the summer? For Ingar Skaug, that was a normal part of childhood. Skaug, a native of Norway, grew up to become President and Group CEO of Wilh. Wilhelmsen Holding ASA, a world leader in shipping, logistics, and maritime services. He currently serves on the boards of a dozen organizations worldwide, including his role as chairman of the Center for Creative Leadership’s Board of Governors. In... Read more →

Robots could eventually replace soldiers in warfare. Is that a good thing?

Coauthored with Aaron Johnson, who is an Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering and Robotics at Carnegie Mellon University and writes about the moral implications of technology. The United States has on its Aegis-class cruisers a defense system that can track and destroy anti-ship missiles and aircraft. Israel has developed a drone, the Harpy, that can detect and automatically destroy radar emitters. South Korea has security-guard robots on its border with North Korea that can kill humans. All... Read more →

Want to help refugees in Europe? Look to the cities.

At the United Nations General Assembly last month, global leaders gathered to determine the state of the international humanitarian system and the lessons emerging from the mass migration of refugees. In parallel, Brookings convened a session on the urban dimensions of refugee integration that featured, among others: Deputy Secretary of State Antony Blinken (including a cameo from Sesame Street’s Grover): President of the International Refugee Committee David Miliband: and former Prime... Read more →

5 Thought Leaders In Mobile And Social

Mobile devices, especially smartphones, are growing their footprints at an unprecedented scale. Alongside, the mobile app proliferation is gaining tremendous adoption. At the same time, social media is profoundly changing all aspects of business and social communication. The following industry leaders guide us through the developments in Mobile and Social, as well as offer suggestions for new venture opportunities. Rob Chamberlin, Co-Founder and Chief Revenue Officer of DataXoom – This conversation... Read more →

Justin Trudeau’s $50-a-tonne Carbon Gambit

Prime Minister Trudeau “outsmarts opponents of carbon pricing” — that’s how the John Ivison of the National Post described it. Bloomberg said, “Trudeau’s national carbon tax a model that should be ‘widely copied’ around the world.” In the last few years, the complexities of cap and trade have conservative economists, environmentalists and even Fortune 500 companies coming together enthusiastically to align themselves around a carbon tax. As Ronald Reagan... Read more →

Creating a More #LikeableWorld

I am accidental entrepreneur, and there’s no turning back now. Ten years ago, my fiancee Carrie and I had problem. I wanted to have a huge wedding that we could invite all of our friends and family to. As in, everyone. But there was a problem. We didn’t have enough money to pay for a traditional wedding. We did, however, have a strong marketing and sales background. And we had an idea. So we partnered with the Brooklyn Cyclones, a minor league baseball team, and put together a concept to... Read more →
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