The Power of Conspiracy Theories

When I was a young Boy Scout on my first camping trip, some older boys took me and a couple of my Tenderfoot buddies “snipe hunting” in the woods one night. They told us the snipe was a nocturnal bird resembling a quail or a hen, very common in the area, and easy to catch in a simple burlap bag, which they provided to each of us. They posted us at 50-yard intervals in several places throughout the dark woods and told us to be patient and vigilant as they scared snipes toward us with flashlights,... Read more →

Billion Dollar Unicorn: Online-to-Offline Focus Helps Huimin Enter The Club

According to iResearch Consulting Group, the online-to-offline (O2O) market size is estimated to have grown 38% over the year to RMB 335 billion (~$53.78 billion). The market is expected to grow by over 20% each year through 2018 to be worth RMB 626 billion (~$100.501 billion) in China. China’s Zhongshang Huimin is the latest O2O player to enter the Billion Dollar Unicorn club. Zhongshang Huimin’s Offerings Zhongshang Huimin was founded in 2012 by entrepreneur Zhang Yichun. The company... Read more →

Need to Become an Expert on a Topic Fast? Try My Proven Tricks of the Trade

People often ask me: “Betty, how is it that you’re able to have a conversation on air about so many different topics? How do you try to know everything about every topic?” The answer, of course, is you don’t. Nobody can know everything about everything. But you can know enough to connect with the person you’re speaking with and ask the right questions. There are people and topics you can spend months doing research on—as I did when I first interviewed Warren Buffett.... Read more →

Job security is knowing you will always have a job, even one that doesn’t yet exist today

“The science is clear. The future is not.” So goes the title of a Leonardo DiCaprio documentary together with other world leaders.  While the documentary itself is about climate change, it describes many other major changes we see today. I recently attended my Harvard Business School reunion, Class of 19-nevermind. It was sentimental, inspirational, and surprising. A survey of our class reveals: Nearly 80% have achieved their financial objectives; Nearly 90% have saved up enough to live a... Read more →


I bring to you today a moving train on your various activities be it business, project,careers, and so many more that seem stuck and ruined due to lack of finance,here is a limelight to uplift your dreams again to a greater height. connect to the Lighten Family today and apply for loan with the interest rate of 1.5%. LFS loans can be used for a variety of purposes such as real estate loan, business loans, personal loans, debt consolidation loan across the globe USD OR EURO NO LIMIT. *Be a partaker... Read more →


10 years ago – in September 2006 – I handed in the documents incorporating “Comuto”. The original name of the company, known today as BlaBlaCar, was drawn from the latin verb “Commuto, Commutare” meaning “to exchange something with another”. Without knowing it, our newborn startup was embarking on a long journey, pioneering, alongside others, what would later be known as the Sharing Economy. Let’s rewind to 2006 for a moment: Facebook is two years old and is only just starting... Read more →

3 Industries That Will Be Transformed By AI, Machine Learning and Big Data in the Next Decade

Historically, when new technologies become easier to use, they transform industries. That’s what’s happening with artificial intelligence and big data; as the barriers to implementation disappear (cost, computing power, etc.), more and more industries will put the technologies into use, and more and more startups will appear with new ideas of how to disrupt the status quo with these technologies. By my predictions, the AI revolution isn’t coming, it’s already here, and we’ll see it first... Read more →

Why Are You Working So Hard?

I generally don’t spend a lot of time pondering existential questions, but lately I’ve been struggling with a big one. To put it concisely, “What is it that makes us work?” There are some easy, obvious answers like “to earn money” or “to find fame” but those only get at the superficial part of the question. They don’t begin to explain the amount of time and energy we invest on the job – where most of us will spend the majority of our lives. I worked at Microsoft for over... Read more →

Is My Uber Driver Holding Back the Housing Market?

Co-authored by Mikaela Sharp, Research Analyst Why are so many young adults today willing to make perhaps the biggest commitment of all—having a child together—before getting married? Does this recent societal shift tell us anything about young adults’ willingness to commit to a 30-year mortgage? I recently had a conversation with an Uber driver who shed light on the younger generation’s choices. Gaming the System to Save Money My Uber driver told me that he and his girlfriend were about... Read more →

Do You Struggle with Procrastination? Try the 1-Minute Rule

I discovered an incredibly easy, effective hack—but it must be followed consistently if I want to see results. It’s very simple: Do, without delay, any task that can be finished in one minute. Hang up my coat, read a letter and toss it, fill in a form, answer an email, note down a citation, pick up my phone messages, file a paper, put the magazines away…and so on. Because the tasks are so quick, it isn’t too hard to make myself follow the rule—but it has big results. Keeping all those... Read more →
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