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May 10, 2015


James Comey, Director
Federal Bureau of Investigation
935 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW
Washington, D.C. 20535-0001

Re: Federal Investigation: Sweet Briar College Closing 

Director Comey,

This letter is out of extreme concern regarding the events surrounding the closure of Sweet Briar College.  A confidential intelligence submission alerted my intelligence officers of possible fraud and criminal malfeasance within the Sweet Briar College Administration. In response, Tactical Rabbit launched HUMINT Intelligence Operations in defense of the Sweet Briar Community.  The intelligence due diligence process yielded disturbing results indicating Sweet Briar Board Chair Paul G. Rice recruited President James Jones with the intention of dissolving the college without advanced good faith notification to the Sweet Briar Community. With a high degree of confidence we believe that Rice and Jones violated Federal Law via fraudulent concealment by accepting and recruiting students while actively being engaged in a plan to dissolve the college. The Sweet Briar criminal diamond is complex with many facets, however, the newly built gym and library elucidate just a small example of the intention to deceive. Moreover, I hold the creed that there is substantial evidence of fraudulent concealment via the federal student loans and the subsequent financial crime committed against the students. No attempt is being made to refund the students who were duped into attending a college that presented the intentions of staying open for years to come.

Further illuminating the facets of the criminal diamond, a confidential source revealed accounting documents are being manipulated and shredded.  With a medium to high degree of confidence Tactical Rabbit believes that Chairman of the Board Paul G. Rice is manipulating the true financial condition of the college and then providing the lower board members with false intelligence in which to make decisions on. The driving motivation of the illegal actions appear to be due to a land deal. Tactical Rabbit believes with a high degree of confidence that the land will be converted into a quasi-Federal facility similar to the Verizon Government partnership about (90) miles north. It was ascertained in intelligence operation that the Chairman of the Board, Paul G. Rice, has indirect exposer to his former companies and associates who are being awarded Federal Government Contracts via Homeland Security Eagle II program. With a high degree of confidence, Rice is using the Rice Family Foundation which is owned by his wife to make investments into his former associates firms. Our hypothesis is supported by the fact that Rice has shrunk most of the Sweet Briar staff, but has brought on a key IT and Wireless Expert from Stetson University. It appears that the college is “going under” yet beefing up its IT capabilities. Recently, Rice’s previous companies have received numerous Federal Contracts for wireless intel and mission critical operations. I am also extremely concerned about the President of the College James Jones who previously drained a college endowment and has numerous nefarious allegations against him. Adding to the accusations, Tactical Rabbit believes with a high degree of confidence that Rice and Jones possibly participated in bond manipulation which would also fall under Federal Jurisdiction.

Exacerbating an already egregious situation, the Virginia Attorney General appears to have interests within the same sphere as Rice, therefore, there may be a possible conflict of interest. The aforementioned conjecture may be the reason why the VA attorney General has not launched formal investigations despite the outrageous facts of the situation and public outcry for accountability and transparency.  Due to the mission critical defense contracting of Rice’s interest; a special investigation unit may be needed to investigate this matter. I do not believe the VA Attorney General can provide the Sweet Briar Community a fair and impartial approach to justice.

During the Save Sweet Briar Press Conference on 05/09/15 a young woman student issued a plea for help from the crowd (seen in the press conference video) because she was being threatened by the Sweet Briar Administration and Staff. She was afraid to fight for her college, classmates, and justice in fear of retaliation. This courageous student told the world that Sweet Briar Staff have been intimating and threatening students. I am personally saddened and outraged that the young women of Sweet Briar College are not receiving the support that they need and deserve.

Furthermore, Sweet Briar College can be saved and remain open as long as the Sweet Briar Administration are stopped from intentionally driving the School Bus off a cliff. I have personally seen the strength of these young women and they can rise like a Phoenix from the ashes. I am respectfully asking for the Federal Bureau of Investigation to give these young women a chance by launching an investigation.  Justice must prevail. We must ensure the good guys win in the end. Outside of the Federal Courthouse engraved on the wall it says, “Justice is the Defense of our Freedoms.” The illegal shutdown of Sweet Briar College is placing all of our freedoms in jeopardy. If Sweet Briar College dies then a piece of America will die with her.


Everett A. Stern,M.B.A.
Intelligence Director
Tactical Rabbit Inc.

United States Senate Candidate
Pennsylvania Republican


cc: Arent Fox LLP; TR Field Operations Unit; TR Board of Advisors

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