The Only Way To Be The Real Deal

I signed up for a set of DJ classes. I don’t like to sign up for anything. I don’t like to leave my room. I don’t like to go on the phone. I don’t like to answer emails. I don’t like to look at the news or go outside. I don’t like to look at people in the eyes. You realize that’s not what people do, Stephen Dubner told me on one of our podcasts. People don’t look at mouths when they talk. They look in the eyes. I had no idea, I said. By learning new ways to “express myself”,... Read more →

Friday Fiction: Playing God with Your Future

All Lisa could see was orange. Where yesterday the sun rose beautifully over the mountains, today the Gates of Hell consumed the entire sky. They said it was coming, she thought, but not this fast. How could it move this fast? Her entire family was on the other side of that inferno, but all her memories seemed to be scattered within 50 feet of where she sat in her bedroom chair, simultaneously terrified and at peace. Lisa loved her house; it was her refuge. She built the pond surrounding her deck.... Read more →

The Key to a Happy Life Isn’t What You Think

By Geoff Smart and Marshall Goldsmith Marshall:  I see nearly everybody struggle with this.  Whether you are a janitor or a billionaire, you want a happy life.  But no matter how wealthy you are, you are likely looking for happiness in the wrong place. Geoff:  The wrong place to look is the incessant pursuit of money or fame or extrinsic achievement that may or getting, getting, getting anything that may or may not happen in the future, right? M: That’s the great Western disease—I’ll... Read more →

A Vision for Saudi Arabia’s Future

Whenever I arrive in a country, I like to read the local press reports to see the issues of the day. In Saudi Arabia, it was clear what one of the biggest issues—if not the biggest issue—in the news was oil prices and their impact on the economy. When oil prices began to decline from their peaks in 2014, Saudi Arabia’s financial health began to face great pressure. Rating agencies downgraded the country’s debt ratings because of the negative impact of the continued low-oil-price environment... Read more →

Surprising Habits of Truly Powerful People

Power gets a bad rap, but only because people pursue it for the wrong reasons. When power is pursued for the right reasons, it can be a tremendous force for good. Niccolo Machiavelli spread the belief that people can only become powerful by exploiting the worst aspects of human nature. One of this teachings was, “A wise ruler ought never to keep faith when by doing so it would be against his interests.” Machiavelli was essentially saying that you’re an idiot if you keep your promises or stick... Read more →

Why Being a Good Divorce Lawyer Requires Empathy — and Objectivity

In this series, professionals debate the state – and future – of their industry. Read more here, then write your own #MyIndustry post). Family Law as an occupation or an “industry” is not going away anytime soon. And that’s a very good thing. The term “industry” can be horribly misleading as that makes it sound like there is an industry built by lawyers, which is absolutely wrong; it is an industry, if it can be called that, necessitated by the way people end relationships and society’s... Read more →

How We’re Thinking About the Future of Work—Yours and Ours

In this series, professionals debate the state – and future – of their industry. Read more here, then write your own #MyIndustry post). There isn’t an organization or individual in the world today that looks toward the future of work without a mix of excitement and apprehension. As a result of rapid globalization, advances in technology, and the continuing aftershocks of the Great Recession, entire industries are changing at an unbelievable, ever-accelerating pace — and along with them,... Read more →

Finding Happily Ever After

” In our search for achievement, meaning, and the ultimate significance of our own lives, how do we find “happily ever after?”” I’ve recently passed a number of important milestones in my life – ones that have caused me to reflect on the road ahead in an important way. At age 54, I’m clearly in the second half of my journey but with plenty of experience to draw on and much productive time in front of me.  My mother of 91 years passed away a few months ago, and I’m now parentless... Read more →

How mentoring propelled my career forward — and can do the same for you.

Long ago, I quickly realized the importance of mentoring — good mentoring — in a successful, fruitful career. When I began my career as a lawyer in private practice, I was fortunate to have a great mentor in a partner at my Phoenix law firm. He didn’t let me just work in the background. He opened doors for me: he helped me gain experience conducting depositions, arguing motions and meeting clients. He offered valuable guidance and advice. Equally important, he told me what I needed to hear,... Read more →

SingularityU opens its door in the Netherlands

Today Singularity University (SU) has announced its first Exponential Regional Partnership (ERP) with The Netherlands, and the establishment of SingularityU The Netherlands. Key to the program will be the development of a physical Innovation Hub which will provide education and innovation programs, as well as community events, to enable Dutch individuals, businesses, institutions, investors, NGOs and governments to understand cutting‐edge technologies, and how to utilize these technologies to... Read more →
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