Before I Became a Stylist, I Sold Shoes at the Mall. Here’s What I Learned.​

With summer jobs on the horizon, professionals recall the first jobs that launched their careers. Read more, then write your own #CareerLaunch post. My first job was as a sales associate at the Nine West store in Short Hills Mall in New Jersey. I applied because I wanted a little financial freedom from my parents and wanted to work at a job where I could interact and meet new people. At the time I didn’t know I wanted to be a stylist (I was only 16 and thought I’d one day be a psychiatrist),... Read more →

The Business of Trust

When every option is only one click away, why will a customer stay and do business with you? Of course, relevance, simple user experiences, distinctive content, and ability to get done what you need are important. But in the digital age, one element floats to the top: Trust. For most brands, trust is a cornerstone of what they stand for — safety, reliability. It is the sum total of digital expectations met and exists from the moment of a visitor’s first digital interaction with a brand but... Read more →
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