Billion Dollar Unicorn: TutorGroup Enters The Club

According to research reports, the market for learning English in China is growing 25% a year and is expected to be worth $21 billion in revenue by the end of 2016. China state media claims that the country has as many as 400 million English-language learners at the beginning of the decade. Billion Dollar Unicorn club member TutorGroup is catering to this high growth market. TutorGroup’s Offerings Shanghai-based TutorGroup was launched in 2004 by brothers Dr. Eric Yang and Ming Yang to help deliver... Read more →

Innovation vs. Invention – An Evolutionary View

In a recent post I reported that economic thinkers are increasingly turning to the logic of evolution to explain how the economy works. But evolution can also provide a useful way to think about the difference between invention and innovation. The phrase “survival of the fittest” is often used as a placeholder for the forces driving evolution, but when evolutionary biologists use the term “fitness” they are not just referring to physical health or ability. Instead they are talking more... Read more →

The Beginning Of Consolidation In SaaS

Two billion dollar SaaS acquisitions were announced this week with Salesforce paying $2.9B for DemandWare, an eCommerce platform provider, and Vista Equity Partners paying $1.8B for Marketo, the marketing automation company. In addition to the absolute size, these transactions distinguish themselves with high valuation multiples of 12x and 8x on trailing revenues. Marketo generates more revenues is growing faster and burning less cash than OPower and Textura. Presumably, these three factors and... Read more →

3 Simple Ways to Reach the Most Powerful People in the World

Networking is never truly fun, but it’s vital to your career. Some people are natural at it, and others struggle. When I first graduated from college, networking meant going to conferences or cocktail parties with a name card stuck to your lapel and engaging in awkward conversations. It feels so 1990s, but it’s still the way many of us do it, and it’s not effective. True networking is a much more organic experience. I’ve learned through the years how very powerful people... Read more →

America’s National Malaise and How to Solve It

Something is going very wrong in America. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) just reported that the U.S. death rate rose last year for the first time in a decade, driven by increased mortality from drug overdoses, suicides, and Alzheimer’s. Even the death rate from heart disease is inching up after a long decline. “We are not accustomed to seeing death rates increase on a national scale,” CDC researcher Andrew Fenelon told the New York Times. Unaccustomed perhaps, but... Read more →

Top tips: 5 Ways To Foster Innovation In The Workplace

Innovation has been a buzzword in the office and amongst CEO’s for a while now. Innovation has become the key to all our business, career and development problems and if we create the right culture in the workplace we can encourage it to flourish and make all our business aspirations come true! Or so we’re told. As a manager, how can you foster an innovative environment for your team? How is this different from any other creative process in which we look for ‘outside the box’ answers to... Read more →

It’s Not About You

“Why the hell am I so nervous?” I wondered. It was moments before I would get up to speak to an audience of three thousand people in Mexico City at an entrepreneurship conference. But despite the many people who would be hanging on my every word, I wasn’t sure why I so nervous. Usually, the larger the crowd, the more excited I got, not the more nervous. Right before I took the stage, my entrepreneur/speaker/author friend Mike Michalowicz, who was up after me, approached me. I thought he could... Read more →
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