Innovation at Every Level

The way we currently manage energy is unsustainable. Three megatrends are provoking an important increase in energy demand: Urbanization, industrialization, and digitization. Today we still depend on unsustainable CO2-emitting fuels for 85% of our energy, trapping an ever increasing amount of heat in the atmosphere. Yet at the same time, we believe that access to energy is a basic human right—but 1.3 billion people have no electricity at all and another billion have only an intermittent supply. If... Read more →

Ten Takeaways From Davos 2016

Davos is officially done. I have to say it was a particularly exhausting but productive trip. Without further ado, here are my key takeaways from Davos 2016. 1. IMF growth downgrades kept coming for China, and the China delegation at Davos… wasn’t saying much of anything. There was even less government participation this year than usual. China is the voice that isn’t there at Davos. That said, Beijing ultimately has the tools to get through this… and the will to use them. 2. Everyone... Read more →
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