The Sleep Revolution: Transforming Your Life, One Night at a Time

Sleep is one of humanity’s great unifiers. It binds us to one another, to our ancestors, to our past, and to the future. No matter who we are, we share a common need for sleep. Though this need has been a constant throughout human history, our relationship to sleep, and our understanding of its vital benefits, has gone through dramatic ups and downs. And right now that relationship is in crisis. The evidence is all around us. If you type the words “why am I” into Google, the first autocomplete... Read more →

I thought email was dead and I got 10,000 subscribers

I hated newsletters. Why? Because people keep adding me without my permission. I spent too much of my time trying to unsubscribe to crap I never asked to receive. I thought blogs and social networks would kill email. They obviously didn’t. I still spend a huge amount of time in my emails. I always liked sharing how I build things and get feedback, not sure why I decided to do it by email but on Nov 23, 2015 I decided to start a newsletter sharing my progress on my new startup I had... Read more →

3 Quotes From The Asian Awards That Stood Out

So in the last week run up to The Asian Awards… I wanted to share 3 of the quotes from past winners that really stood out for me.. so here goes:   Money is not success. Whatever one does, if done with love and passion,  even if defeated should take it as a stepping stone and keep on growing.. GP Hinduja, Chairman of Hinduja Group – Business Leader of the Year Award at The 5th Asian Awards 2015 What I love about this quote is that it represents the relationship between success... Read more →

American Cities Were Built for Cars. What Will Happen When They All Leave?

Most of what we buy — bubble gum, blouses, books, baseball — is destined to last days, weeks, maybe years. But we think of houses as investments rather than consumable goods because houses last decades or centuries. Over that time, what makes a house valuable doesn’t change much: we will always like plenty of square footage, views, and mostly prefer living in cities with nearby restaurants, train stations and jobs. And we love parking. Where we live, work and even eat is shaped by where... Read more →

People Analytics Takes Off

The market for People Analytics (aka Talent Analytics) is taking off. Our latest research shows that companies almost doubled their adoption of this new practice in the last year (see chart below) and yesterday, at a workshop on the topic with Workday, almost half the clients were well along in their journey. Fig 1:  Rapid Maturity of People Analytics (Source:  Deloitte Human Capital Trends 2015 and 2016, 3,300 and 7,100 respondents, respectively) Let me give you a few anecdotes from our meeting... Read more →

Billion Dollar Unicorn: WePiao Succeeds In Online Ticketing In China

According to China’s State Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television, the country’s box office revenues grew 48% last year to RMB40 billion (~US$6.2 billion). During the year, cinema goers increased by 48% as well to 1.14 billion. China is seeing a big push in online and mobile purchase of movie tickets. Reports suggest that in the first half of the year, nearly 70% of the movie ticket purchases were made online. Little wonder then that the industry is giving rise to members... Read more →

Learning to Code Yields Diminishing Returns

Looking for job security in the knowledge economy? Just learn to code. At least, that’s what we’ve been telling young professionals and mid-career workers alike who want to hack it in the modern workforce—in fact, it’s advice I’ve given myself. And judging by the proliferation of coding schools and bootcamps we’ve seen over the past few years, not a few have eagerly heeded that instruction, thinking they’re shoring up their livelihoods in the process. Unfortunately, many have already... Read more →

How China is reclaiming its innovation heritage

The English philosopher of science Francis Bacon said that four inventions transported the world from ancient times into modernity: paper, printing, gunpowder and the compass. All of them were Chinese. Made in the late 16th century, Bacon’s observation demonstrates that China-based innovation which benefits the world is nothing new. Now, China’s reputation is finally catching up to reality.  A report by McKinsey states that China’s total investment in R&D has risen more than six-fold... Read more →

Our recovery contract for France

I have decided to speak directly to you, to the millions of you who exchange on Linkedin, because it is here, on this social media platform, that so many people come together to seek out employment opportunities, to build networks, to discuss with each other, to inform themselves and to exchange about their professional concerns. I am convinced that France’s economic recovery will come through the trust that we will be able to restore with businesses, with you, entrepreneurs, leaders, managers,... Read more →

Your LinkedIn Reach Is Probably Shrinking

Sometime in the late fall, LinkedIn made a change that may reverberate among professionals for years to come: the social network started filtering how much of your network sees content that you share. While the purpose of this change is positive and well-intended – to prevent LinkedIn members from being “over-notified” (see below) – the unintended consequence may be to shrink your reach on LinkedIn. This may be the first time that an algorithm you don’t understand reduces the... Read more →
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