What’s With Your Ugly Website?

‘Their website doesn’t do them justice,’ was a comment I heard from an acquaintance recently who wanted me to talk to a particular company about their digital marketing. My first thought was ‘so why don’t they do something about it?’ The quote is nothing new; in fact I’ve heard something similar several times in the last month by various people. It beggars the question, in this digital age we live in, why isn’t their website up to scratch and representative of who they are and what... Read more →

#52Women52Weeks: Tamara McCleary urges all brands to use The Force in telling their story

Tamara McCleary is ranked by Klear in the Top 1% of global Social Media Influencers and is listed as one of the Top 50 Social Influencers of 2015 by Onalytica. She presents keynotes and workshops on the topics of Branding, Brand Amplification, Social Influence, Women’s Empowerment, Marketing to Millennials and Women, Women’s Leadership, Diversity, and Social Economics in a Sharing Economy. She is also the creator of the trademarked RelationShift method. 1) How can a struggling brand get more... Read more →

Events die. Communities live forever.

This week marked the seventh time Facebook has held a user conference since 2007. It’s a great moment to stop and reflect not just on the F8 announcements of bots and virtual reality, but the power of combining an event with an “always-on” niche social network. The events industry is exploding with conferences, unconferences, summits, meetups and even “curated” cruises. You name it, there’s an event for that. It’s estimated that 225 million Americans attended at least one professional... Read more →

F8 A World of Wonders

There will be a rash of posts that detail Facebook’s roadmap It’s not in every context that ‘virtual and artificial’ would be the basis of a compliment. If you add ‘reality and intelligence’ it gets better, much better. At F8, Facebook’s annual developer conference,  advances in the virtual and the artificial showed that Facebook has begun the to thread the needle between science fiction and real world fact. These manifest most obviously in the consumer... Read more →

Schedule Time to Worry, and Dealing with a Troublesome Accountability Group

It’s time for the next installment of  “Happier with Gretchen Rubin.” Try This at Home: Schedule time to worry.  See above for Johnny Cash’s to-do list. Strategy for Habit Change: We discuss the hilarious Strategy of Loophole-Spotting. I love all ten hilarious, popular categories of loopholes. We also mention the Evil Donut-Bringer. Which is your favorite loophole? Listener Question: “I’m an Obliger, and I started a writing group. But some people stopped turning in their pages, and... Read more →

Equal Pay? Consider Some Huge Shifts in Female Roles

 I am writing a book with the hope of bringing clarity to businesspeople on the shifting demographics, and came across some absolutely incredible shifts in female roles over the last few decades. As I have presented these undebatable shifts, I have been stunned by some of the reactions by both men and women. Men—the shifts reported here do not imply that men have achieved nothing over the last 40 years. Women—the shifts reported here do not imply that the world treats everyone equally. Businesspeople—consider... Read more →

Supporting Thriving Communities: Art Auction with Camp Harbor View at Boston’s Museum of Fine Arts

On April 12 in Boston at the Museum of Fine Arts, Bank of America hosted a live art auction of works from the bank’s collection. We have had a long history of using our assets and resources to create shared success in our communities. Over the years, our definition of impact has expanded. What started as philanthropy and volunteerism, has now expanded to include all that we do – how we use our financial, intellectual and social capital to help build sustainable local economies. That includes... Read more →

Poverty vs CO2 Emissions

UN Climate Chief Christiana Figueres claims more CO₂ means more poverty: “It’s a simple relation: more carbon equals more poverty.” Except she’s wrong. Universally, more CO₂ means LESS poverty. Not surprisingly, if you get access to more energy (which is mostly fossil fuel based), you are much more likely to be able to survive, thrive, work, trade and get richer. It is disturbing that Ms Figueres doesn’t have more competent advisors, and even more disturbing that... Read more →

From $100k To $1M: Bootstrap First, Raise Money Later (If At All)

I have always advised companies in the 1M/1M eco-system to avoid raising equity financing too soon. In fact, as a thumb rule, we advise entrepreneurs to get to enough validation such that they can get to at least a $2M pre-money valuation. Now, if you’ve managed to get to $100k in revenue with a consistent set of customers, it is likely that you can get to the $2M minimum valuation threshold. If not, and if you must raise money, you should look at doing so on convertible notes. In fact, during... Read more →

Are You Close to What You Weighed in College?

Unfortunately, this article won’t make much sense to recent college grads. For that, I apologize. If you graduated last May, the odds are pretty good that you’re roughly the same weight as you were eleven months ago. But for the rest of us, it may have been a long time since we were that young or thin. Today I’d like to share a personal story of what “I can’t” means and of what’s possible. As I wrote about in Life Just Threw a Rock at My Head, in early November... Read more →
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