New Poll Shows Trust Online Declines Despite Rise in Social Media Use

80% of Americans say they are using social media daily, and yet, 96% don’t have a lot of trust that social networks will protect their privacy and data. In 2014, we conducted a survey to learn about people’s social media usage and whether they trusted social networks to protect their data and privacy. We recently conducted another national poll on this topic to see how things have changed. The deal is, use of social media is up, but so is distrust. And many people don’t think our current privacy... Read more →

The World in 60 Seconds – October 19, 2016

US: Is post-election violence a concern? Depends on how badly Trump implodes. On balance, I’d say no, but it’s not outta the question, which is so wrong. Iraq: Will the Mosul offensive restore stability? No. There is no plan for governance, despite the fact that we’re now taking ISIS out. Great that ISIS is going. Really worried about no flag flying over Mosul afterwards. Europe: Can they get CETA done? This is the Canada deal. On balance, right now, no new trade deals are getting done with... Read more →

Mapping the End of Malaria

A few years ago, I pulled off a purposeful prank. While I was giving a TED Talk on malaria to a room full of influential people, I opened a canister and let loose a small swarm of mosquitoes. “There’s no reason that only poor people should have the experience,” I said. I let the audience squirm in their seats for about half a minute before I let on that the mosquitoes were not infected with malaria. My gimmick worked. A distant problem suddenly got very close to home. Today, gimmicks are no... Read more →

Let’s Step It Up: Join Me for a Walking Challenge

The Surgeon General in partnership with Fitbit has issued the Step It Up! Challenge open to all Americans, running from October 13, 2016 at 12:01 AM PDT and ends on October 26, 2016 at 11:59 PM PDT. The idea is to encourage people to walk more to improve health and raise awareness about making cities more walkable. You can sign up here and join my team, Happy Healthy Nonprofit. Part of the inspiration for the Happy Healthy Nonprofit c0-authored with Aliza Sherman came several ago when... Read more →

Unique Things Great Bosses Do Every Day

We’ve all heard the adage, “People don’t leave bad jobs; they leave bad bosses.” It makes great fodder for after-work gripe sessions, but is there really any data to back the claim up? As it turns out, there’s a ton. In one study, 61% of those working for bad bosses said they were looking for another job, while just 27% of those working for good bosses were considering alternate employment. And here’s one that’s really startling: 65% of people with bad bosses said they’ve sometimes... Read more →

Doug Casey – 5 Lessons From The Most Interesting Human in The Matrix

“I know you’ve made tens of millions of dollars in various areas of life,” I said. “Tell me how you did it.” “Hmm.” He scanned his memory for money. And landed in 1969. “I put all my possessions in the back of my Mustang and drove to Washington, D.C. I figured if I got $5,000, I could hitchhike my way through South America… but more importantly, Africa.” There are about 220 countries on the planet. Doug Casey has been to 160. “I believe in the Latin phrase, ‘Mens sana in... Read more →

Taking Pride in What You Do

This spring my husband and I were lucky enough to work with a service pro who clearly took immense pride in his work. His work, and his attitude, stood out. So much so that I’ve shared this story with friends and colleagues, and decided to share more broadly with all of you. We all have a story or stories of incredible customer service we’ve received, whether it’s in our homes, our offices, at a store, a restaurant or elsewhere. And we love to share those stories with others! It got me thinking... Read more →

The Power of Conspiracy Theories

When I was a young Boy Scout on my first camping trip, some older boys took me and a couple of my Tenderfoot buddies “snipe hunting” in the woods one night. They told us the snipe was a nocturnal bird resembling a quail or a hen, very common in the area, and easy to catch in a simple burlap bag, which they provided to each of us. They posted us at 50-yard intervals in several places throughout the dark woods and told us to be patient and vigilant as they scared snipes toward us with flashlights,... Read more →

Need to Become an Expert on a Topic Fast? Try My Proven Tricks of the Trade

People often ask me: “Betty, how is it that you’re able to have a conversation on air about so many different topics? How do you try to know everything about every topic?” The answer, of course, is you don’t. Nobody can know everything about everything. But you can know enough to connect with the person you’re speaking with and ask the right questions. There are people and topics you can spend months doing research on—as I did when I first interviewed Warren Buffett.... Read more →

Job security is knowing you will always have a job, even one that doesn’t yet exist today

“The science is clear. The future is not.” So goes the title of a Leonardo DiCaprio documentary together with other world leaders.  While the documentary itself is about climate change, it describes many other major changes we see today. I recently attended my Harvard Business School reunion, Class of 19-nevermind. It was sentimental, inspirational, and surprising. A survey of our class reveals: Nearly 80% have achieved their financial objectives; Nearly 90% have saved up enough to live a... Read more →
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