How to Appear Smarter in Meetings

Through circumstances that I cannot divulge, I have an advance copy of Sarah Cooper’s forthcoming book, 100 Tricks to Appear Smarter in Meetings (okay, you wore me down… Sarah mailed it to me). This book will not be shipped until mid-October, so why am I writing about it now? As you might imagine, this book is very funny, in a sad/funny way. Sad, because the book actually chronicles most of the techniques people use to appear smarter in meetings. Example: instead of actually coming... Read more →

This Man’s Company Is On A Mission To Cure Cancer – Why Bezos, Gates, and Google Are Backing It

Jeff Huber lost his wife Laura to cancer last fall, a loss made even more devastating by the knowledge he had gained through a mid-career shift into life sciences at Google, and board work with the gene sequencing pioneer Illumina. Just as his wife’s cancer was metastasizing beyond the reach of science, Huber was working with the Illumina board to spin out a company that promised to detect and ultimately provide the tools to beat cancer before it could spread throughout a person’s body. After... Read more →

What Is Influencing You (and your customers)?

I’ve had the absolute pleasure to read an advance copy of Jonah Berger’s latest book Invisible Influence. Like his last one, Contagious, it’s absolutely chock full of real stories and light-bulb moments, and one of the few business books I didn’t actually want to put down. Without giving the whole game away, I want to set you off down the ‘Invisible Influence’ path, because I’ve not stopped thinking about how it will be working for many businesses as well as my own Blue... Read more →

Eliminate All Meetings

When my son was three years old he would occasionally call for a meeting. He didn’t know what a meeting was but he heard all the adults talking about meetings so they must be something worth exploring. We dissuaded him of the notion. Some companies are eliminating the performance review process. Why not keep going and eliminate meetings? We like the doughnuts, we don’t like the smell of dry erase markers and the questions like “Can we do a process check?” Would the world end if we eliminated... Read more →
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