WHY THE #ASKGARYVEE AUDIOBOOK IS A WHOLE NEW BOOK When it comes to reading out loud, I am atrocious. Really, truly terrible. For whatever reason, I can’t seem to get it down. If you give me a piece of paper to read from, or any kind of notes, I freeze up. I can’t do it. It becomes impossible for me to perform. A while back I had to read a commercial on a radio show before being the guest, and they gave me a piece of paper with everything I had to say. I completely botched it. I kept messing... Read more →

Stop Making Long-term Career Decisions Using Short-term Data

No one who is about to change jobs should use short-term criteria to make long-term career decisions. Yet, I contend that too many candidates (both active and passive), too many recruiters, too many HR people and too many hiring managers filter jobs and people in and out on short-term criteria before they even have a chance to understand the long-term opportunity. This is one of untended consequences companies make when treating a career move as a transaction rather than a serious business decision. To... Read more →

Your Brain on the Billable Hour

I was honored to be interviewed by Hartley Goldstone, Principal of Trustscape LLC, Research Fellow at Wise Counsel Research Associates, and Purposeful Planning Institute (PPI). You can listen to the one hour and nine minute interview here. Title: The Billable Hour: Damaging to Your Brain, Detrimental to Life Satisfaction, and Destructive to Client Trust? Date: March 1, 2016 Guest Speakers: Ronald J. Baker, World-Renowned Value Pricing Expert and Founder of VeraSage Institute, and Stephanie... Read more →

Staying focused on the real challenges of growth

Global markets have experienced an unusually volatile start to the year, and banking shares are notably under pressure. And yet the disconnect between short-term changes in financial markets and the economy seems real, and anxieties about the macroeconomic environment and the banking sector, in particular, excessive. In my view, the underlying question of markets is the one we should be addressing: are there prospects for the growth of the global economy in the midterm? The current market turmoil... Read more →

The Strategic Shift in Revenue for SaaS Startups as They Scale

As a SaaS startup grows, recurring revenue begins to fuel the company. Not too far into the future, the existing customer base begins to contribute more of the startup’s revenue than new customers and bookings. Each startup will observe this revenue composition transition at a different point in its evolution because it’s a function of growth rate and churn rate. Imagine a hypothetical SaaS startup. The business has just released its product and has one fully ramped account executive with a... Read more →

Who benefits from life?

The increase in life expectancy, a constant element in the history of mankind for two hundred years, is obviously good news. Though very unequal, it reflects a reduction in newborn and maternal mortality and enables those benefiting from a publicly funded health care system and education to live long enough to produce the necessary wealth for pension financing for previous generations and the education of future generations. The constantly increasing life expectancy, which is likely to continue,... Read more →

The Start-up CEO aka The Chief Everything Officer

I was speaking at the wonderful & historic city of Mysore recently, when someone asked me, ‘’what are the traits of a great start-up CEO? ’’ Great question; and one that got me thinking and reflecting. The truth is that, a CEO irrespective of the maturity of an organisation plays an extremely challenging role. A CEO sets the direction and steers the fate of an organisation and is the decision maker, the leader, manager, executor and also the communicator. Having said that, the role... Read more →

The Advance Beneficiary Notice FAQ

The advance beneficiary notice (ABN) is a powerful tool for practices to educate patients about their benefits and responsibilities for Medicare non-covered services. Many of our readers still write us to ask questions about the form and the correct way to use it in the office, so we developed this Frequently Asked Questions list for the ABN to clear up some of the confusion. We always tell the physicians we work with: “If you are going to accept insurance, you need to be the expert on insurance.”... Read more →

It’s time to make Watson (as in IBM) your friend

Did you see the headlines? “KPMG LLP will soon have a new assistant to help it examine corporate America’s books: Watson.”  in the Wall Street journal story  titled, Auditing Firms Count on Technology for Backup. The article covers the beginning of the cognitive computing revolution hitting the accounting and auditing profession. All of the Big Four have been investing millions of dollars in technologies, like Watson, to increase the depth and breadth of auditing capabilities and... Read more →

The 11 Golden Rules of Conversation

 I was in a cafe in Argentina with my daughter a few weeks ago – and on the front of the menu was a list of  ‘the golden rules of conversation’. Now whilst it was quite amusing – see the picture below, I thought there must be a reason – even if it is just for the sake of conversation – that they chose to promote conversation. Are we loosing the art of conversation? Do many people communicate more by text than in person? Does anyone pick up the phone for a chat... Read more →
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