The Recruiting Industry is Facing an Existential Threat

There was an interview with Ford CEO Mark Fields on last week regarding the techno-driven existential threat to the auto industry. You’ll know it has happened when your Uber ride arrives at your door without a driver. I contend there’s a similar existential threat to the recruiting industry. It will affect every recruiter, hiring manager, HR leader and those technology vendors who continue to espouse 20th century ideas in the 21st century. Job seekers should rejoice. First, here are... Read more →

America: closed for business?

Imagine yourself one hundred years from now. Yes, you’re still alive, breathing through genetically engineered pig lungs, and having dinner at your favorite restaurant. A robot waiter rolls up to refill your glass of wine, which is equipped with a sensor that allows the restaurant to automatically deduct $10 from your Bitcoin account. Your companion, who doesn’t actually speak the same language as you, is saying how much she loves her salad, which comes from a farm that uses precision... Read more →

Have VCs Changed Their Seed Investment Strategies?

Starting in late 2015 through the first quarter of 2016, founders have shifted their seed fundraising strategies toward a single investor. Seeds led by a single investor have increased by 50% in these trailing six months. How much of this trend is due to greater participation of venture capitalists investing in the seed market? The chart above plots the number of seeds rounds by year. Rounds with VC participation are marked in red, and those without VCs in blue. Both types of rounds have increased... Read more →

How to Shop Small and Give Local in May

    Hey, giving back to local businesses is a really good way to support local economies, and help out to causes that’re important. Give Local America is a 24-hour crowdfunding event, beginning on May 3, 2016 and running from 12:00am – 11:59pm EST. It’s designed to empower folks across the US to give back to their local communities by supporting the organizations they trust to tackle today’s most critical issues. On May 3, you can help strengthen the foundation... Read more →

The Way to Wellville: How to stop global sickening

 Two years ago I started a project called the Way to Wellville to help five small communities produce health – a demonstration to show what it would look like if we just did the basics of what we  know we should do, in terms of early child care and education, nutrition, facilities for exercise, access to healthy food, and a variety of preventive interventions against obesity, diabetes, mental distress and so on. I  knew I didn’t know much, so I hired a CEO who knows a lot more. We launched... Read more →

Japan and Ecuador Earthquakes: Supply Chain Lessons from Past Disasters

The recent earthquakes in Japan and Ecuador are a sad reminder of how deadly natural disasters can be. As of yesterday, 41 people were confirmed dead in Kumamoto prefecture, the epicenter of Japan’s earthquakes, and hundreds have died in Ecuador, with thousands more injured and displaced from their homes. Our thoughts and prayers are with the people of Japan and Ecuador, especially all of the victims and their families, as they deal with the aftermath of these tragic events. These earthquakes... Read more →

What Your Office Walls Are Telling Your Employees

In this series, professionals describe what numbers govern their happiness. Write your own #MyMetric post here. Soon after starting Kabam in 2009, we began displaying the company’s up-to-the-minute revenue figures on flat-screen monitors around the office. The practice is used by many tech startups to keep employees informed in a transparent culture, and I didn’t give it a second thought until a staff meeting in 2014. “You spend all this time at company meetings and business reviews talking... Read more →

My Metric for Success: Earn Customers For Life

In this series, professionals describe what numbers govern their happiness. Write your own #MyMetric post here. My metric for success can be summed up in one phrase:  earn customers for life. Today’s auto industry is at an inflection point.  I’ve said before that social and technological changes are rewriting the rules of vehicle use and ownership.  I firmly believe that personal transportation will change more in the next five years than it has in the last 50. In the face of such dramatic... Read more →

Here’s How “Hamilton” Won the Pulitzer Prize

You may think that there are no worthwhile career lessons for you on Broadway but if you give me four minutes, I’d like to prove you wrong. As The New York Times reported yesterday, “the musical ‘Hamilton,’ a hip-hop retelling of the founding fathers story, received the Pulitzer prize for drama. The musical’s creator and star, Lin-Manuel Miranda, reacted joyfully on Twitter, writing: PULITZER?!” Rewind to last June, when I walked into a building at Wesleyan University... Read more →

I Just Spoke To Bill Gates For a Half Hour

I just wasted the last half hour talking to Bill Gates. He was talking all about his philanthropy. He flattered me. He said “Billions of children are dying in Africa.” Suffice to say, at the end of it, he encouraged me to make a donation to a charity that doesn’t really exist. “Maybe donate 80% of your assets.” Fake Bill Gates! Shame! I then informed everyone who I knew who was his “friend” that it was a fake Facebook account. But it doesn’t stop me from being the idiot who wasted... Read more →
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