Panera, Ronald Reagan and July 4th

Each Fourth of July, I send an inspirational message to the 92,000 people who work for Panera. This year’s team note generated so much response that I wanted to share it with all of you. I believe we could all use a little Ronald Reagan in our lives right now.  Team, Because it’s nearly July 4th, it seemed an appropriate time to write about one of our former presidents: Ronald Reagan. Given my Democratic leanings, that choice may surprise some of you. In fact, I really respect Reagan – so... Read more →

A Job Isn’t a Wall. It’s a Window.

With summer jobs on the horizon, professionals recall the first jobs that launched their careers. Read more, then write your own #CareerLaunch post. In 2005, my alma mater, Rutgers University, asked me to make a commencement speech to their new graduates. Writing this speech was an exercise in self-reflection and forced me to think about my career path and what I would do over if I had the chance. The short answer: nothing. And this should be everyone’s answer. I truly believe there’s an important... Read more →

Uber’s Surge Pricing Applied to Smoothies

How could this be: A “healthy casual” restaurant that demands a 35 percent surcharge if customers want just one kind of fruit in their smoothie, rather than a combination? At first, I thought I had read the menu item wrong. Surely, the extra $2 was applied if a customer asked for an additional variety of fruit. But no. When I checked the menu again, the restaurant really was asking customers who opted for no fruit diversity to pay more. I asked some friends to help me figure this out. They... Read more →

Why I’m Working on Time Management Outside the Kitchen

In this series, professionals describe the skills they’re building this year. Read the stories here, then write your own (use #SkillsGap in the body of your post). At the start of the calendar year, I am always reflecting on the previous year, but also looking toward the new year to make important changes in how I operate and accomplish my goals. I’ve received a lot of great advice over the years and people have definitely guided me in becoming more skilled and creative — both in the kitchen... Read more →

Business isn’t charity. But it can build a better world.

Today, for only the fourth time in human history, the world stands on the brink of industrial revolution. Unprecedented leaps in manufacturing and technology are poised to unlock enormous value – not just for the world economy, but for all of humanity. Unlike the three before it, this Fourth Industrial Revolution must be defined by more than technological advances. It must also drive a revolution in our values – a revolution in which businesses use their science, scale, and smarts to address... Read more →

How Homebrew “Got Smart” About Hardware Investments

Bias towards action. Learn by doing. Satya and I both believed these tenets as product managers and extend them into the work we do via our seed fund Homebrew. So when we started the fund in early 2013, we knew that in addition to investing in the familiar, there would continuously be new areas of exploration that we’d want to ‘get smart’ about. One of the first involved the advances being made in “software-enabled hardware.” Enterprising founders were telling us about a future where... Read more →

What to Expect from Russia and China

Davos rolls on. I had a particularly busy day today, moderating the Russia Outlook panel and speaking on the Emerging Markets Outlook panel. Here’s my download on the most interesting ideas I’ve heard. As a guy with a political risk company, you’d probably expect me to always be the most negative person in the room. A scary world is good for business, after all. But that’s just not how I see it. To be sure, a lot is going wrong in 2016. But the things that are causing the most anxiety... Read more →

The Science and Art of Conversion Optimization

In this series, professionals describe the skills they’re building this year. Read the stories here, then write your own (use #SkillsGap in the body of your post). Those of us who run web businesses know well that conversion optimization is tricky business. It is both art and science. You need to get design elements right. You need to get messaging right. You need to get the site’s navigation flow right. You need to establish brand credibility. You need to be able to do multivariate testing... Read more →

First Comes Smarts, Then Comes The Hustle.

Because of the position I have put myself in, I’ve made it my responsibility to share as much as I possibly can on what it takes to win in business. I’ve pledged to be a great content creator, to bring value, and to offer as much as possible to my community. And because of that, I’m trying to take a conscious step back for you all and really think about the things that have allowed me to “work smart” all these years. It’s no secret that one of my favorite words is “hustle”. It’s... Read more →

This Is The Future Of Communication Thanks To Technology

For many of us, we’ve seen a huge evolution in how we communicate over our lifetime. And we have communication technology to thank for it. A 2014 Gallup survey asked respondents to think about how they had communicated the day before. In total, 73 percent had sent or read a text, with 39 percent communicating “a lot” via text. In regards to social media, 55 percent had read or sent a message via a social platform. On the flip side, 53 percent had not used a home landline. We’ve gone from... Read more →
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