SOS – Save our Serendipity! Part III

This is the third and last part of a series about “Serendipity”. You can find the first part here, for part two click here. Part 3: We should not stop personalization on the internet but rather shape it  It would be naïve to think that we could reverse or even stop personalization on the internet. This is not the issue here. In many respects, personalized offerings do have advantages. Therefore, it makes little sense to curse them in a culture-pessimist, technophobe polemic. But increasing... Read more →

Towards a European Security and Defence Fund

Faced with the double historical challenge of security and indebtedness, Europe has let its guard down and it now finds itself at a crossroads. Geopolitical tensions, terrorism and the migrant crisis come on top of economic difficulties and unemployment. In the absence of a federative project, citizens are disillusioned and sometimes swayed by the simplicity of the nationalist response. Europe has  let its guard down at the very time when the need for security and cyber security has never been... Read more →

Only equity can unleash Europe’s economic potential.

Open any newspaper or turn on the news and stories abound about the future of Europe are dominated by Brexit. There is another issue however which is critical to the continent’s economic future – the importance of backing small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs), including many companies with very high growth potential, to become the global job providers of tomorrow. With youth unemployment in many EU countries reaching record or near record levels in recent years, fixing this issue has never... Read more →
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