Billion Dollar Unicorn: Online-to-Offline Focus Helps Huimin Enter The Club

According to iResearch Consulting Group, the online-to-offline (O2O) market size is estimated to have grown 38% over the year to RMB 335 billion (~$53.78 billion). The market is expected to grow by over 20% each year through 2018 to be worth RMB 626 billion (~$100.501 billion) in China. China’s Zhongshang Huimin is the latest O2O player to enter the Billion Dollar Unicorn club. Zhongshang Huimin’s Offerings Zhongshang Huimin was founded in 2012 by entrepreneur Zhang Yichun. The company... Read more →

Money Can’t Buy You Time

When I was a student dreaming of making it as an entrepreneur, I imagined that success would give me a world of opportunity in which so many new possibilities were open to me. Well a few billion dollar exits later, this turned out to be only partly true. The other lesser known obvious fact is that the day of an entrepreneur has the same amount of hours as everyone else’s. After a while, you realize that success means not that you can say yes to so many new and phenomenal opportunities, but that... Read more →

Power and Automation Redefined

The recent growth of internet-connected industrial and personal devices is dubbed the ‘Internet of Things’ (IOT) revolution. Yet, this trend is really an evolution that has been underway for quite some time. The intelligence that allows IoT devices to communicate in a bidirectional fashion is not a new concept. Physical infrastructure electronic devices that are able to sense, generate and transmit data have been around for nearly 50 years. In 1968 Schneider Electric invented the first Programmable... Read more →

How Millennials Are Shaking Up Retail Commerce

Millennials are becoming retailers’ largest demographic in both population size and market influence with significant buying power due to their constant access to technology. Over 85% of millennials own a smartphone compared to 71% of the total U.S. population, and their mobile-first experiences are set to reshape the economy and change the ways in which consumers trade. Already, a quarter of millennials recently surveyed report 100% of their online purchases were on smartphones — and marketers... Read more →

You’re Gutsy Enough to Start a Company? Don’t Miss These Critical Tips From a Seasoned CEO

You’re about to start your company. You’ve heard all the basic advice on how to fundraise and hire talent. Yet it seems like everywhere you turn, there are potholes of mistakes waiting for you to fall into. When that feels like it’s about to happen, some entrepreneurs turn to Scott Kurnit, who is himself the founder of and He’s made his share of mistakes, which is why he’s often called upon by numerous entrepreneurs for advice, including yours truly.... Read more →

The Craft of Management

A senior executive described her management philosophy as heavily influenced by Daniel Pink’s book Drive. In his 20 minute TED talk, Pink argues traditional incentive structures like bonuses and raises don’t work for knowledge workers. Instead, autonomy, mastery and purpose motivate them best. Autonomy grants employees the flexibility to achieve their goals as they see fit. Purpose means serving a goal larger than the self. Mastery provides employees the opportunities to continuously improve... Read more →

Racism is Scientifically — Stupid. Makes No Sense.

   As this short video outlines, even better than I can in the written word, ‘racism really is scientifically stupid.’   Not emotionally stupid. Not ‘my opinion’ stupid. Not just ‘morally stupid.’ It makes no scientific sense. 99.9% of all human DNA is precisely the same.  That’s right. 99.9% of all human DNA — precisely the same.  And the 1/4th of the 1% that we spend 99% of our time arguing about, focuses on our skin color, eye color, hair... Read more →

Introducing Funding Market Fit. Now a critical concept for founders and entrepreneurs…

Recently I read this tweet from a great entrepreneur Danielle Morrill. After months of gyrating markets and dozens of similar questions from founders, it was the straw that broke the camel’s back for me . I was compelled to write.  It’s not that Danielle’s question isn’t a great one. It’s just that upon reading the answers to this and other similar questions around the web, it’s clear that populist answers are all over the map, often conflicting each other and mostly only reflecting... Read more →

Resentful? Overworked? Face These Painful Facts about Shared Work.

When I hear people complain about the fact that other people aren’t doing their share–about a spouse who isn’t pulling weight at home, or a colleague at work, or a sibling in a family–I want to launch into a disquisition about shared work. From what I’ve observed, people have a very incorrect understanding about how shared work actually gets divvied up. Take note of these somewhat-painful facts: Fact 1: Work done by other people sounds easy. How hard can it be to take care of a newborn... Read more →

Has Brazil Bottomed?

Last year when I visited Brazil I was cautiously optimistic, and returning again this year, I remain so. We were expecting problems, but we were encouraged to see some signs of change taking place and are hopeful that as host of the 2016 Summer Olympic Games this year, Brazil will have the opportunity to shine. People find it difficult to believe the situation will turn around in a downtrodden market like Brazil, but we have found that, in general, the time of maximum pessimism marks the time when... Read more →
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