In Memory of SunEdison Co-Founder Brian Robertson

  Today marks the 4th anniversary of Brian Robertson’s untimely passing.  I repost this here to remember his amazing life and his pivotal role in bringing SunEdison and solar to gigawatt scale. ———- Brian Robertson, a Canadian-born entrepreneur whose life was never taken for granted, “willed” success in everything he touched from the Internet to solar energy, died Friday in the Captain’s chair of his own plane. He was 38. My own history with Brian started... Read more →

The Rapid Rise of Digital Assistants

We are approaching the time of year where we look back and reflect on the last twelve months of what was and what wasn’t so great. Advances in technology are accelerating faster than ever before and a quick comparison of Amazon’s push-button auto-replenishment service from earlier in the year with the accelerating rise of digital assistants illustrates just how quickly things can change. The concept of sticking a magnetic button onto your washing machine that when pushed will automatically order... Read more →

The Chinese renminbi takes its place as a major international currency

The renminbi’s inclusion in the IMF’s basket of currencies now marks the establishment of the Chinese currency in the world of international financing. And it is more than symbolic. Projects like the New Silk Road underline China’s ambition to play a greater role internationally. We should not underestimate the importance of the renminbi’s entry into the IMF’s SDR system. The renminbi joins the dollar, the pound, the yen and the euro as a member of the international... Read more →

How to ride the waves of change to success in 2016

One thing every CPA agrees on, 2016 will be faster than 2015. The size speed, and scope of change continues to increase as if the waves are getting bigger and coming in faster. Which brings me to my favorite quote, “You can’t stop the waves but you can learn how to surf” – Jon Kabat-Zinn (See Accounting Today’s article, Tom Hood gives surfing lessons). So as we prepare for 2016, I consulted one of the greatest big wave surfers in the world, Laird Hamilton  (pictured... Read more →

An exclusive look behind the scenes at the United Nations

We are wrapping up an historic year in which the United Nations marked its 70th anniversary and took landmark steps to advance sustainable development and to reach a climate change agreement. This was a triumph for multilateralism that shows the UN delivering results the world desperately needs. In September, more than 150 world leaders travelled to New York for the 70th session of the UN General Assembly. It was one of my busiest weeks as Secretary-General: more than 150 bilateral meetings, dozens... Read more →

Want to have an impact? Try social impact investing.

Here are three very different companies—a company that makes rice burgers from Fukushima rice; a company that produces soap from seaweed; and finally a company that uses a disabled workforce to distribute meals to the sick and elderly. What do you think unites the three of them? The answer is that they are all social business start-ups established by social entrepreneurs in Japan’s Tohoku region in the northeast, following the devastation of the March 11 earthquake and tsunami. The primary goal... Read more →
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