What Can You Take Away to Achieve Perfection?

Perfection is finally attained not when there is no longer anything to add, but when there is no longer anything to take away. Antoine de St. Exupery I remember launching a new filtering feature a Google within the AdSense product. At the time, we had hundreds of thousands of website publishers using our user-interface to accomplish many tasks. They might download reports of their revenue from running AdSense ads, configure ads to match their website’s style, and indicate their preferences for... Read more →

It’s “World Serious” Season Again

Fifty years ago last week Sandy Koufax retired from baseball. The Atlantic Monthly just published an article entitled “The Incomparable Career of Sandy Koufax.” In the 1963 World Series (won 4 games to 0 by the Dodgers) Koufax beat Yankee Ace Whitey Ford in the first game. Yogi Berra, Ford’s batterymate, gave his inimitable summary of the matchless Koufax season when he said, “I can see how he won twenty-five games. What I don’t understand is how he lost five.” On the first anniversary... Read more →

Act Now To Turn Customer Pain Points into Pleasurable Profits

Pain Points. We all have them. We all hate them. So do your customers. There are the physical pain points and mental pain points. I like to avoid both, but today I am talking about the second lot. When you are a customer, your pain points are a nuisance. However, when you are designing a Customer Experience, customer pain points are invaluable—especially when your competition has the same ones. Pain points refer to those moments in an experience with an organization that hassle, frustrate, disappoint,... Read more →

When “Just as Good” is Better for Brands

Many brand strategists’ strive to develop points of differentiation that drive brand preference among consumers. The key to winning is assumed to be differentiation; however, your brand won’t even be considered if it’s considered to inadequately deliver on a key must have dimension. You will not be a player – which means you have no chance of winning – no matter how compelling your point of differentiation is. The solution is the point-of-parity concept, which was introduced to... Read more →

Truth Bared about the Realities of Customer Experience Implementation!

What do a Bank, an Airline, and an Online Retailer Have in Common? Consorsbank, Lufthansa, and Zalando—three very different companies—have both undertaken a Customer Experience improvement program. Consorsbank is a bank; Lufthansa is an airline; Zalando is an online clothing retailer. Whilst they each have their unique challenges, their insight on Customer Experience shows us the common obstacles that all of us face when tackling such an important facet of our business. Econsultancy heard from... Read more →

Learn to Love the Pickiest Customer

We’ve all seen picky customers. They seem impossible to please… they’ll nitpick every little detail. It’s too hot, it’s too cold; the beds are too hard, the pillow are too soft. Most people throw their hands up and say “they’ll never be satisfied, I give up!” But, I challenge you to not give up on the picky customer. I actually think they can do our business a lot of good. These customers point out the little flaws that others may not notice. At Marriott International, we have a... Read more →

The Future of Robo-Advice

Many people often ask me what I think of robo-advisors—the many automated investment management sites that have emerged over the past few years. On the investment side, robo-advisors aren’t breaking new ground. What impresses me, though, is what they have done with user engagement. They’ve created compelling user interfaces that are written in a friendly, casual voice with clear explanations. They make investing more accessible and less intimidating. I’m a design fan, and many of these offerings... Read more →

Imagine if Every Company had a Chief Customer Officer

In this series, professionals debate the state – and future – of their industry. Read more here, then write your own #MyIndustry post). It’s not as lonely at the top as it once was. Where the standard C-Suite many years ago was a triumvirate of power shared between the CEO, the COO, and the CFO, today there are CIOs and CMOs, too. Now, I propose they make a little more room for the latest addition to the leadership: The Chief Customer Officer (CCO). Competition is fierce in our global economy.... Read more →

8 Worst Mistakes You Don’t Want to repeat!

Ever blown it with a Customer? Sure. We all have. Mistakes are part of being human, after all. But hopefully, you learned from it, made your sincere apology, and carried on. Here are 8 big mistakes with Customer Experience that we hope brands learned from: “It’s not the pants, it’s your body type” excuse from Lululemon. Remember when the CEO of Lululemon Chip Wilson said the reason that their pants weren’t wearing well was because the pants weren’t made for all women’s bodies—particularly... Read more →
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