3 Tips For Negotiating Higher Pay

Have you ever received a job offer and thought, “I wish the starting pay was higher”? At a time when getting the offer should be cause enough for celebration, you might assume negotiating for more pay is taboo. Not true! Here’s one reason why you should: $5,000 More Now, $600,000 More Later A study by Michelle Marks of George Mason University and Crystal Harold of Temple University surveyed employees in a number of jobs/industries, and found that those who chose to negotiate (rather... Read more →

Applying for jobs: Don’t worry about bad grades or a career that’s off the beaten path

I’m sometimes asked for tips on applying for jobs, either by candidates themselves or by friends or acquaintances. It is difficult to know what to do in such situations, since every candidate is different and needs a tailored strategy. However, the best piece of advice I can give is to be yourself. No one benefits when applicants try to hide who they are, neither the candidates nor the company. The situation has to be right for both parties in order to end up in a long term relationship. I... Read more →

How To Answer The Question ‘Why Do You Want This Job?’

Let’s be honest and admit that the interview question “Why do you want this job?” is heavy-handed and inappropriate, for starters. The equivalent question from a job-seeker to an interviewer would be “Why do you want to hire me?” INTERVIEWER: So, do you have any questions for me. JOB APPLICANT: Yes. Why do you want to hire me? INTERVIEWER: What? Who said we want to hire you? This is just a first interview. We can’t say yet that we want to hire you. JOB APPLICANT:... Read more →

You are at the starting blocks – you are ‘ready to soar’

This is an excerpt from by newest book ‘Ready to Soar – How to turn you brilliant idea into a business you love. You may well have done the work to establish what sort of business owner you want to be, whether you will be self-funded, look for funding, be an owner-operator or an entrepreneur. You now have an idea of where you would like to head. The point is that now you’re at the starting line of what could be a marathon. You are fit, trained and ready – but you need to manage your... Read more →

Why I Believe in Finding Stolen Time

In this series of posts, professionals reveal their best antidotes to work stress. Read the posts here, and then write your own (use #OutsideWork in the piece). There used to be all of the time in the world. Then I started a business. Then I got married. Then we had two kids. Now… time is the most valuable thing there is. A few years ago, I was headed out on a business trip and my daughter didn’t want me to leave. I asked her if she’d wake up early with me the next day so we could squeeze... Read more →

How I Saved A Client From Agonizing Interview Failure

I still remember the look on his face when we met. The blank expression told me he was scared to death. A recent college grad (just one month out), he had not one, but TWO degrees in engineering. A duel major from a top school, I was intrigued when he emailed me asking to meet regarding his, “job search dilemma.” Why was this talented, hard working grad struggling to land a job? It took less than a minute to find out. We grabbed a seat at a local coffee shop and I asked ,”What’s... Read more →

My Other Big Gig… Parenting Teenagers

In this series of posts, professionals reveal their best antidotes to work stress. Read the posts here, and then write your own (use #OutsideWork in the piece). Witnessing young people emerge into adulthood is a great privilege. Watching them discover what is important to them, their values – what they believe in, their aspirations – is a wonderful experience. My role as a parent has changed from ‘boundary rider’ to coach and adviser as my children have grown. I know that my university... Read more →
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