Ford’s Road to Full Autonomy

Today is a milestone moment in Ford’s history. We’re announcing our intent to have fully autonomous vehicles in commercial operation for a ride-hailing or ride-sharing service beginning in 2021. This is significant. Ford will be mass producing vehicles capable of driving fully autonomously within five years. No steering wheel. No gas pedals. No brake pedals. A driver will not be required. If someone had told you 10 years ago — even five years ago — that a major American car company... Read more →

Choose Your Philosophy Of Company Building

During this week’s roundtable, we had as our guest Ho Nam, Managing Director at Altos Ventures. Ho made a clear distinction between capital efficient company building and the “grow at costs in all sorts of unsustainable ways” philosophy. They are two distinctly different ways of building businesses. You can listen to the recording of this roundtable here. The interview with Ho Nam begins approximately 51 minutes into the recording:   Job On Buddy As for the pitches, first up, Puneet... Read more →

Looking Back On A Decade Of Entrepreneurship Development Work

During this week’s roundtable, we celebrated a major milestone: our 300th Free Mentoring Roundtable. I started off by providing an overview of what we’ve learned in the last ten years of active entrepreneurship development work around the world. Our core philosophy has remained unchanged through the course of this journey, our conviction around the core has only become greater. Some essential takeaway points: Define success for yourself. Remember, Entrepreneurship = Customers + Revenues + Profits;... Read more →

Tesla’s Model 3 Could Destroy the Company

This article perfectly encapsulated my thinking on the Tesla Model 3 launch.  Tesla is fundamentally a luxury car maker that knows how to make custom cars that have lots of service issues.  A mass market car is not something it has to do right now.  Why not add 3 more luxury cars to its line up and then go after the mass market car much later once it has actually gotten good at making cars profitably? “The good news is that Musk’s mythos-building has been so effective that he’s pushed... Read more →

Understand the Five Components of Stress

When it comes to workplace stress, I’ve got both bad news and good news. The bad news? If your work stresses you, you’re not alone. A 2013 study by Harris Interactive for Everest College showed that 83% of American workers experience stress about their jobs. That was an increase from 73% in 2012. Low pay topped the list of work stressors, with unreasonable workload, annoying coworkers, and commuting also named as major sources of stress. The World Health Organization has estimated that stress... Read more →

Has the opportunity for Indian Internet startups been terribly wrongly estimated?

I was at a conference the other day, speaking on a panel with VCs and angels, when we were asked a question: With the softening of valuations and the famous Flipkart markdown, is there still a large internet opportunity in India? My friend and co-panelist from a large VC fund jumped up and trotted out the now-standard schtick: that the combined market cap of Chinese internet firms is half a trillion dollars and as of now the combined market cap of all Indian internet firms is just around $30 billion... Read more →

Patient Capital: 15 Years Later

Acumen is 15 years old today. When we began this journey, the world was a different place. Few had heard of the terms “patient capital” and “impact investing.” The world was less connected. Most people viewed business with hard-headed seriousness while charity was left to softer hearts. What if we acknowledged that change comes from a blend of hard heads and soft hearts? What if philanthropists approached their giving with the same sense of accountability and, well, acumen, that they brought... Read more →

California Dreaming: Long Beach Here we Come!

I like to think of Southwest as the airline of California.  After all, we carry more people within the state every day than any other airline — by far.  Same holds true for those traveling to and from California.  Did you know that Southwest Airlines carries more than six times the passengers of the next largest carrier and more than double all other carriers combined?  That’s more than 24,000 people flying to or from California on Southwest every day.  In fact, with the ten airports... Read more →

How I use social networks and share content

A friend just asked me to recap my use of social networks and how I share content. I realized as I was telling him that it keeps changing so here is what I’m doing these days. My goal is to write a post every day. I fail often as it’s difficult to always have a topic in mind to write about and even more to find the time to do it, but it’s a good goal to have. I’m definitely posting 2 to 3 posts a week at least. I publish my posts to Facebook as a note, LinkedIn as a full post and Medium. My... Read more →

A New Offshoot from the Mighty Femto Tree

Femto-management, the radical notion that micromanagement principles could become practical and scalable if applied at an exponentially finer level, has revolutionized yet another area of professional life. Behold: the equally radical, phenomenally disruptive femto-communication.   Read more →
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