How to Reform Legal Education

Now that I no longer head a law school, I am free to praise others for their innovations. When you are running an institution of higher education, of course you are expected to promote its ideas. I would like to call out, positively, another independent law school, however, because the issues we face in legal education are structural. We can and should learn from one another, about how to change the very nature of training the next generation of professionals. I just had the honor of speaking at Mitchell... Read more →

Stop Following “Best Practices”

The most highly-regarded firms on the planet aren’t just good; they’re different. They stand out not just because they’re excellent at what they do, but because they have a deliberately different purpose, principles, and set of practices. In professional services, this is the 1%. The other 99% are stuck on the treadmill of following “best practices,” which essentially is just copying the way other firms do business. From a scientific perspective, this is understandable;... Read more →

Colombia’s Peace can Lead to Inclusive Economic Growth

Peace is within Colombia’s grasp. Bringing an end to an armed conflict that has gripped the country for over 50 years and affected the lives of three generations, is more than just good news for Colombians. An enduring peace will form the solid ground for progress against poverty and for inclusive development, establishing a bulwark against the forces that give rise to violence. For decades, Colombia has been trapped in an environment of violence rooted in inequality, poverty, and weak local institutions... Read more →

The “old world” thoroughly disrupted by the tech frenzy: time to put the focus back on the human

Changing consumer habits and the abundance of capital are leading to heavy investments into all kinds of new technologies. This is accelerating the rate of innovation and development based on cheap money, which in turn is disrupting everything around us. Corporates, governments and individuals are struggling to adapt, and many of us might be losing big if we don’t manage to actively master the revolution by putting the focus back on the human. August is the time when most people in Europe... Read more →
Should we Celebrate Failure?

Should we Celebrate Failure?

Recently, I came upon a report in a newspaper that argued that we should celebrate failure. Quoting an entrepreneur, it lamented that we are obsessed with just a few popular startups. We should pay attention to failures too. “How about instituting a ‘Failure of the Year Award’, just like ‘Entrepreneur of the Year Award’?” it asked. The article made me think: should we celebrate failure? And, what is failure in the first place? Let me take you to the world of sports, where success and... Read more →
What Gawker Media's Bankruptcy Auction Means For You

What Gawker Media’s Bankruptcy Auction Means For You

Note: I published this first on my newsletter. Please subscribe if you’d like to stay in touch with tech and media analysis like this every few weeks! Univision is acquiring Gawker Media for $135 million, news reports confirmed this week, beating out Ziff Davis in an auction for the media company’s assets. Nick Denton founded Gawker in 2002, after selling an early news aggregation site he started, Moreover, and before that a social networking forum, First Tuesday. Those two sales gave... Read more →
Why You Should Distill Your Writing

Why You Should Distill Your Writing

Time is in short supply for most of us these days but there’s ever more things vying for our attention in our quest for self-improvement, industry learning or generally keeping up with the world at large. In this mad paced, fast paced working week, how on earth do we manage to fit everything in, particularly when it comes to reading up on news and educating ourselves? Should the media and other publishers change the way they do things to accommodate us? The answer in my view is a resounding yes! (You... Read more →
Why Your Business May Need Regime Change

Why Your Business May Need Regime Change

Here’s the reality faced by CEOs of most public companies: Taking market share, which is much harder than piggybacking on GDP growth, is the only way to satisfy those outsize expectations. To take market share, CEOs have to put their companies in a position to innovate and deliver better products and services faster than the competition. Cloud computing is the best mechanism to enable CEOs to drive that level of innovation. Hard-charging startups and powerful incumbents alike are adopting cloud... Read more →
Ed Catmull, President, Pixar & Disney Animation, & author,

Ed Catmull, President, Pixar & Disney Animation, & author, “Creativity, Inc.: Overcoming the Unseen Forces That Stand in the Way of True Inspiration”

Hi everyone, Producer Jacqui here. We were honored to have Ed Catmull in the studio with Jason last week for an epic conversation we had no choice but to split into two parts. 🙂 But you can watch them both here. Enjoy! [ Click to Tweet (can edit before sending): ] Subscribe in iTunes: Ed Catmull President of Pixar-Disney and author of “Creativity, Inc.: Overcoming the Unseen Forces That Stand in the Way of True Inspiration” is one of the greatest... Read more →
Unmistakable Habits of Utterly Authentic People

Unmistakable Habits of Utterly Authentic People

Oscar Wilde said, “Be yourself. Everyone else is already taken.” Wilde made it sound so simple, but living with authenticity is a real challenge. To live authentically, you must own your actions and ensure that they align with your beliefs and needs. This can be a difficult thing to maintain when external forces pressure you to do something you’re not comfortable with or to be someone you’re not. Most people have experienced the discomfort that comes with failing to behave authentically.... Read more →
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